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Grouchy Gremlins - A Metaphorical Story

These gremlins are castaways from the Gremlin community. Why? Well. It’s because they don’t conform to the Gremlin norms. They like to construct not destruct, they love to innovate not duplicate; essentially they've revolted against the ways of the Gremlins and have been ostracized.

While most other gremlins prefer to use dubious methods to get rich quick, these gremlins prefer to work hard for their living. While they are nothing like those other gremlins, these gremlins have found it exceedingly difficult to break the stereotype. Despite their being the hard-working, non-destructive kinds, when people look at them, they just see “gremlins.” On the other hand, because they don’t practice the traditional gremlin way in anything that they do, when the gremlins look at them, they see three oddballs.

All this unstoppable sniggering behind their backs, has turned the gremlins grouchy, and everyone has begun to call them the Grouchy Gremlins.

Anyway, to make a long story short, while these Gremlins struggle to answer the question, “To be or not to be...a Gremlin?” they continue to follow their hearts and they continue to do what they love doing most – creating beautiful experiences to make people smile.

The Grouchy
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