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Hypnotoy -The Toy of Joy.

(An App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)




Treasures and Pleasures in the New Hypnotoy...
There's a chest full of treasures, precious jewels and romance,
The rings of luck and loving sapphire taking part in a dance,
Sample potions of friendship and the fragrance of love,
Take a break with a peacock, an owl, and a dove.
For the sportsman, there's soccer or playing football,
Here the skull totem and blue dragon meet an Indian doll,
Dancing hearts, spades, and diamonds, the card playing kind,
All at home with the lights dimmed, will tickle your mind.
Test spiral perfection or choose parrot's flight,
Find the kingfisher's joy or the queen of the night,
Persian lace, peacock's grace and raspberry wine,
Tempt the devil with an apple in the garden, by a vine.
These are a mere fraction of all the pleasures you'll find,
Among the hundred plus treasures, Grouchy Gremlins designed,
These symbols of love, beauty and riches are all yours to enjoy,
When you purchase from the App Store, the new Hypnotoy!
The Toy of Joy - Hypnotoy - Coming Soon on the App Store!
The Grouchy
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