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You know how grouchy the gremlins are, and how it's almost impossible to tear them away from their app-tinkering. So, Nifty the mouse has take it upon herself to write this blog, in which she brings you the inside scoop from the House of Grouchy Gremlins. She's as loony about Apple as she's crazy about peanuts, and so she also brings you Apple News (and rumors too.)

Nifty's Diary Nifty

Nifty's Diary
Coming Soon...Nifty can never be seen with a frown wrinkling her cute little forehead, she has her own apprehensions. She's scared of the Owl Gordie; she's worried that the Gremlins may set a trap for her; and if caught, she may lose her nook, but most of all, she's worried about the fact that you may not like her as much as you like the Gremlin pup, Oorvi.

Visit her blog to put her fears to rest.

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